• 2pass Clinic Voice Training App

    Designed to help trans women around the world make their feminine voices heard.


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How Can the 2pass Clinic Voice App Help You?

The 2pass Clinic Voice app brings transgender patients and voice therapists together for better, more effective, and simpler voice training.

Personalized Exercises

The 2pass Clinic Voice app comes with unique sets of prerecorded exercises that voice and speech therapists can assign their transgender patients. These exercises are available in several languages, and new exercises and languages are added regularly. It’s the perfect way for trans women to feminize their voice whenever and wherever the opportunity allows by suitable female voice training app for transgender and non-transgender people.

Customizable Content

The content contained in the app can be personalized to each transgender patient’s unique needs. Voice therapists can assign assessment questionnaires to transgender patients directly through the app, which helps Voice therapists better understand individual patients’ needs. Then, the Voice therapist can choose the perfect prerecorded exercises to suit that patient based on assessment responses.

A Growing Network

The 2pass Clinic Voice app also serves as a networking platform that allows trans women to find the right voice therapists to help them feminize  their voices. Patients can search for registered voice and speech therapists through the app using criteria like distance, native language, and more. Voice therapists who are interested in joining the growing network so they can be found by transgender patients can contact us through the Collaboration form.

Better Outcomes

The best feature of the 2pass Clinic Voice app is patients’ ability to use the app anywhere, anytime. Rather than waiting for appointments with their voice therapists, patients can utilize the exercises at home or on the go, and more practice means better outcomes. Voice therapists can use tools like voice recordings to track patients’ progress directly through the app, and they can even leave comments for patients. The 2pass Clinic Voice app provides excellent collaboration in this manner.

2pass Clinic Voice App for Transgender Patients

Instead of waiting for weeks between voice therapy appointments, the 2pass Clinic Voice app allows you to practice wherever you are, whenever you have a few spare minutes. With the help of 2pass Clinic Voice app, you’ll be using your new, more feminine voice sooner than you ever thought possible. Voice training has never been easier, better, or more fun.

2pass Clinic Voice App for Voice Therapists

If you’re a voice therapist who is interested in helping transgender patients anywhere in the world train their more feminine voices, or if you’re looking for ways to improve the services you already provide, the 2pass Clinic Voice app can improve your workflow significantly.