The 2pass Clinic Voice App for Transgender Patients


Thanks to the 2pass Clinic Voice app, transwomen can find their feminine tone of voice more quickly than ever before. Its digital format makes things efficient, user-friendly, and convenient.


Find Your Perfect Voice

If you’re feeling discouraged with your progress, or if you simply want to speed things along, the 2pass Clinic Voice app can help with all vocal cord problems. After all, you’ll have to learn by doing.

Feel Confident about Your Techniques

When practicing your feminizing voice exercises at home, do you second-guess yourself and wonder if you’re doing things correctly? Do you ever wish you could call your voice therapist for advice? The 2pass Clinic Voice app provides guidance and collaboration tools that allow you and your voice therapist to work together.

Find the Perfect Voice Therapist

Are you trying to find a voice therapist who has experience working with transwomen, but you’re not sure where to start? This is another area where the 2pass Clinic Voice app excels. We’re putting together an extensive network of voice therapists who have the experience it takes to help you be heard. Search our database through the app and find the nearest voice therapist that works with this app.

Practice More Often

Do you already have a voice therapist, but you wish you had more time to spend with him or her? If so, the 2pass Clinic Voice app can bridge that gap. Just mention the app to your voice therapist and suggest he or she have a look. After contacting us , your voice therapist can have access to the various exercises and lessons we’ve provided and even record his or her own lessons with us.

Track Your Progress

Staying motivated can be difficult at times, but viewing your progress can help you stay on the right path. The 2pass Clinic Voice app provides an efficient, easy way to track your progress digitally. You can always see just how far you’ve come.

Practicing with 2pass Clinic Voice App

The 2pass Clinic Voice app was designed with a variety of exercises in multiple languages to suit anyone’s unique needs. While practicing and following along with the lessons, you’re given the opportunity to record your voice. Just forward your progress to your voice therapist after you complete an exercise, and he or she will be able to adjust your feminizing voice therapy as needed to help you achieve the best possible results.

While the 2pass Clinic Voice app cannot replace in-office sessions with your voice therapist, it can serve as a wonderful supplement to your appointments and a great way to get the most out of the techniques you learn. When you take the time to use the app a little each day, you’ll notice a tremendous difference in the tone and quality of your voice much more quickly. Not only does it make voice training more convenient for you, but it gives your voice therapist a set of tools he or she can use to help you progress.

Voice training lessons on iphone

Easier, More Convenient Voice Training

The 2pass Clinic Voice app is designed to be a digital support system for transwomen in voice therapy. Its user-friendly interface and numerous exercises will help you find your optimal  feminine tone much more quickly than with standard voice therapy alone.

The instruction videos and exercises included in the app were provided by different professional voice therapists in many countries around the world. You’ll find exercises that focus on articulation, intonation, pitch, and resonance, and some exercises combine all four. All the lessons are designed around studies and evidence-based research, which means the techniques are proven to work.

The 2pass Clinic Voice app provides users with the opportunity to practice and record voice feminizing lessons that can then be sent directly to their voice therapists. Such collaboration makes the learning process more interactive and personalized. Users will also receive optional reminders to practice from time to time, which will ultimately help transwomen find their optimal feminine  voices in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional voice therapy alone.

If just voice therapy appears to be insufficiënt create a really feminine voice, the 2pass Clinic can help by performing a voice feminization surgery (VFS).

“Before the app, I worried about my slow progression. Now, thanks to 2pass Clinic Voice app, I’ve finally found my voice! It’s like having a personal voice therapist with me all the time.”
Available for download now. Get started and let your voice be heard.