The 2pass Clinic Voice App for Voice Therapists


If you wish you had more time to spend with your transgender patients on an individual basis, or if you’re concerned that your transgender patients aren’t practicing enough on their own, the 2pass Clinic Voice app is the perfect solution.

Not only does the 2pass Clinic Voice App remind your transgender patients to practice and give them all the tools they need to succeed, but it also allows patients to record their lessons and forward them directly to you. With that information, you can track their progress and ensure they’re practicing frequently enough to facilitate results.

Ready-to-Use Lessons and Exercises

The 2pass Clinic Voice app comes with uniquely designed sets of prerecorded voice feminizing lessons and exercises in various languages. With these lessons, you can help your transgender patients succeed, earn more money, and improve your reputation as a leading voice therapist.

Improve Your Experience with Transgender Voice Therapy

If you’re interested in gaining more experience with helping transwomen feminize their voices, the 2pass Clinic Voice app is the perfect choice. The videos and lessons were provided by voice therapists who have been working with transgender patients for years, and they’re all based on solid evidence that the exercises work.

Customize Your Transgender Patients’ Lessons and Exercises

Adding more to an existing exercise package is a snap. For example, if you enjoy a particular prerecorded lesson package, but you want to add a few things, you can easily customize the exercises found in the app for each patient’s individual needs by adding and assigning your own lessons to the patient as well.

Create Your Own Voice Feminizing Lesson Package

We’re always interested in hearing your success stories, and if you think your exercise package would benefit voice therapists and their transgender patients, we’d love to hear more. Just contact us so we can review your experience and techniques, and we may include your lessons in our offering. This can help you earn more money and gain recognition in your industry, as well. Also if you prefer to work with your self-recorded videos using the app please contact us so we can help you record them.

Grow Your Transgender Patient Base

One of the best features included in the 2pass Clinic Voice app is the networking feature. We maintain a database of voice therapists around the world, allowing transgender patients to search for voice therapists based on criteria they choose. This includes distance, language, hours of operation, and more. If you want to gain more transgender patients, just reach out using the Collaboration Form and we’ll help you become part of our growing network.

Get Excellent Customer Support

If you ever have questions or concerns about the 2pass Clinic Voice App, feel free to reach out to our excellent customer support team. We’re always willing to help, and we want to make sure our app suits your needs as well as your transgender patients’ needs & guides you appropriately regarding speech training.

Take an Interactive Approach to Your Transgender Patients’ Success

For transwomen, feminizing  their voices can be very difficult – and very frustrating as a result. In some cases, their progress is hindered by the lack of time they can spend with their voice therapists; in other cases, progress is slowed due to a failure to practice the techniques taught by voice therapists.

The 2pass Clinic Voice app helps transgender patients and their voice therapists overcome these obstacles by making it possible to practice and voice train anywhere, anytime, as long as there’s a mobile or Wi-Fi internet connection. The more transgender patients practice, the faster they’ll see results, and the more satisfied they’ll feel with their experiences in therapy. Not only does the app make practice simpler, but it even provides the motivation your transgender patients need to realize results more quickly, and it keeps things fun and interesting in the process.

Patients can record their lessons and send the results to you through the app, so you will always have the chance to check each transgender patient’s progress and tailor their voice feminizing lessons to suit their needs. For example, while one transgender patient may need to focus primarily on intonation, another may have trouble with articulation. With the various lessons in the app, and with the ability to keep a constant eye on each transgender patient’s progress, you can easily make necessary changes to your patients’ therapy plans.

While the 2pass Clinic Voice app isn’t designed to replace in-office therapy sessions, it will act as a powerful supplement. Because the app will help your transgender patients find their feminine voices more quickly, they’ll need fewer sessions overall. This means you can save your transgender patients money, see more clients over the course of a year, and boost your approval rating and reputation.

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Earn Money with Your Unique Lessons and Exercises

The 2pass Clinic Voice app comes with dozens of prerecorded video lessons designed to help your transgender patients  find their feminine voices. These lessons are recorded by experienced voice therapists across the globe, just like you, which means they’re available in multiple languages. You can simply start using the app’s prerecorded lessons with your transgender patients; these patients will need to pay a monthly subscription fee to keep their service active.

You may also choose to use your own types of exercises and therapies. You can include your own videos and exercises in the app to share with your transgender patients, and you can combine these with the lessons already included, as well. In fact, with our collaboration offer, you can ask that we include your videos and lessons in the app so that other voice therapists can benefit from your techniques with their transgender patients, too. If you choose to create content to include in the app, you’ll receive 10% of the earnings we get from selling the video lessons you created. .

If you’re interested, just fill out the Collaboration Form and we’ll get in touch to answer your questions and invite you to our video studio.

"Before the 2pass Clinic Voice app, I felt like keeping track of transgender patients’ progress was difficult. Now, I can check in on my patients whenever I have the time and even leave feedback, which means I’m better equipped to provide the personalized therapy they need."
Katrien ErdekensVoice Therapist
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